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bitmark JSON and bitmark markup were originally developed by Get More Brain AG in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2019 the bitmark Association was founded to promote the development of bitmark and corresponding software. Publishers and all others professionally involved with educational topics may become members of the bitmark Association.

bitmark - How it all started

Get More Brain AG develops and runs the platform of the same name "Get More Brain" run on

Get More Brain is a messenger app for students, teachers, personal coaches, students and managers, specialized in supporting language learning and teaching. The main target group are expats.

With Get More Brain messages, texts, exercises, quizzes, photos, videos, audio files, dates, notes, ... can be easily exchanged, edited and discussed together.

Personal coaches and students communicate live (instant coaching) and solve real problems together on the job (e.g. preparing a presentation, writing an important e-mail).

Get More Brain offers language schools and publishers of learning materials an attractive tool for their teachers and students, a marketplace for their learning materials and a marketing platform to attract new students and course participants.

bitmark is used by Get More Brain and their partners to digitize, publish and sell books (learning material) on Get More Brain.

The bitmark formats became very fast highly popular among the publishers and they asked for a license of the format and API, to use it for internal purposes as well. They use bitmark in their workflows, to digitize and store their learning materials and to be used as the basis for all their products (mobile apps, Web apps, ... and finally print!).

In 2019 the bitmark Association bitmark Association was founded to promote the development of bitmark and corresponding software. Its members are primarily publishers, EdTech companies and other providers in the educational sector.

Today, bitmark is used by leading EdTech companies.

In mid 2018 we decided to go one step further and to open bitmark as well as our APIs (in the new version 2) to everybody.


bitmark will be released under an MIT License. This documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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